With a simple and sophisticated fashion proposal, Punto Blanco provides a complete experience which expresses constant well-being, from socks for all the family to men and women’s underwear, activewear and casual apparel.

Its essence is reaffirmed in its retail stores where individual experiences can be lived out, inviting customers to explore and appreciate every detail which the brand portrays, thus seeking to stimulate the senses.

With the presentation of unique details, Punto Blanco has defined a path which has lead to the achievement of a brand of experiences.

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We are inspired by real people of all ages. We know very well that life is fun and joyful and that we are young by nature, so we bring color, comfort and freshness to our garments.

Our clothing is always up-to-date, it is made from natural, light and fresh materials, with different textures which also express our dynamism.

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Baby Fresh offers garments for all stages and occasions, growing up with our customers that go from newborn babies and up to four year-old children.

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With Galax you always win. Galax solves the basic needs of your wardrobe with affordable, essential and functional products.