1938: The Echavarría Brothers, Julio and Octavio, formed Zigzag Limited which manufactures children socks.
1947: Intertex SA is founded in Colombia by French investors to manufacture women’s stockings.
1948: The Punto Blanco brand is launched in Barcelona, Spain, by the Valls family and is to become one of the most recognized brands in Spain in the apparel industry.
1948: The Echavarría Brothers formed a new company called Calcetería Victoria Ltd. to manufacture socks for all genders and occasions. The new company absorbs Zigzag Ltd.
1953: Calcetería Victoria Ltd. changes its name to Crystal SA and opens a new facility in Medellín.
1954: Intertex SA changes its name to Textiles Modernos SA and launches the Gef brand in Colombia for men’s t-shirts, underwear and socks.
1969: Crystal launches in Colombia the Spanish brand Punto Blanco for men’s socks.
1991: Crystal SA acquires Textiles Modernos SA which produces knitwear products under the Gef brand. Textiles Modernos SA changes its name to Vestimundo SA under the Crystal Group.
1993: Crystal SA opens two sock facilities: the first one at San José, Costa Rica and the second one at the Rionegro Free Trade Zone, near Medellín. Both facilities are dedicated to the production of socks for exports.
1995: Vestimundo SA opens a new textile mill in Marinilla to knit, dye and cut fabric.
2000: Crystal SA creates Alamtex SA, the company that would manage the newly created retail business in Colombia and Venezuela.
2001: Crystal acquires Nicole SA, a woven garments manufacturer.
2001: Crystal SA builds a new facility in Armenia, Printex SA, to manufacture seamless garments for the men and women’s underwear and active markets.
2003: A joint venture agreement is signed with Parkadale Mills, the largest manufacturer of cotton spinning yarns in the world, to build a cotton spinning operation in Colombia, Colombiana de Hilados Ltd., in the Rionegro Free Trade Zone, to guarantee the supply of raw materials.
2010: Big changes come into place for Crystal SA and Vestimundo SA as the commercial and international teams are merged into one to strengthen the brands carried by each company. This is achieved by improving the approach to each market segment and by focusing the brands on the end consumer.
2013: Crystal SA, Vestimundo SA and Almatex SA are merged into Crystal SAS in the hopes of optimizing resources and processes under one main company.
2013: Crystal opens two sourcing offices in Asia; one in Seoul, South Korea and another in Shanghai, China. These Crystal offices source products for Crystal’s brands.
2014: Crystal enters the online retail business with the Gef brand. This gives our customers the opportunity to have a store available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2015: Crystal continues its online expansion by launching the Punto Blanco website. This gives our customers the opportunity to have a store available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.